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Your Staffing Shortages End Today!

Our professional team is ready to fill your open positions. Candidates are waiting to work for you. Avoid the risk of being shorthanded and remain organized through the entire process by hiring us.

If for any reason the candidate does not work out, we will replace him/her at no additional cost and with no questions asked. You contact us, and we will do the rest to find you a replacement candidate at no charge. You will have peace of mind knowing that by hiring us we will take care of all your immediate staffing needs.

Services We Provide

Direct Hire Recruiting - A customized recruiting approach engineered to deliver the ideal candidate for full time, direct hire opportunities.

Contract to Hire - Term based opportunity to gain quality experience with an employee before offering full time.

Contract (Short/long-term) - Term-Based staffing customized to your specific requirements.

How does Pay work?

For example, if a temp worker is paid $10.00 per hour, the company for which they are working may actually be paying $14.30 per hour for their services. The temp agency keeps the extra $4.30 per hour of the pay. The markup is typically 43%. However, 3% of the markup will be donated to a charity organization of the company hiring a temp worker choosing.

Charity Organizations are as followed:

· Multi-Cultural Education Center - Palestine, Tx

· BARC, The Humane Society – Palestine, Tx

· Crisis Center of Anderson & Cherokee Counties – Palestine, Tx

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